Accomodation Allocations

Find your name in the lists below.
Click here for a map of the region showing the location of the Holiday Park and the adjacent Golf Road.
Lectures will be held at the Function Centre in the Holiday Park.
Lunch and Dinner is also at the Function Centre.
There is a dairy next to the Park Office.

Blue Waters Motel

66 Golf Road, Tahununui, Nelson
Phone: +64 3 548-5080

van Ditmarsch

Courtesy Court Motel
30 Golf Road, Tahunanui, Nelson
Phone: +64-3-548 5114

Chong Chitat

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park
70 Beach Road, Tahunanui, Nelson
Phone  +64 3 548 5159   (or 0800 500 501 within New Zealand)

(see below for facilities, and what you should bring)

Angsheng Li     TF18
Baroni               ST31
Boglaev            4M02
Calude              ST23
Clouston           TC47
Daniel               GC49
Ferrarotti           TC32
Friggens            TC47
Giorgi                ST24
Goundar            TC46
Lempp               TF13
Leslie                4M01
Maghsoudi        TC33
Manyem            ST22
Miller                TC34
Paoletti              TC32
Rubin                TC46
Sheppeard         TC41
Waldron            GC50
Wu Guohua      TF12
Yang Yue         TF18
Yu Liang           TC35               

Holiday Park Facilities:  
•  Bring your own towel /soap /toiletries.
•  Linen will be provided (ask at Park Office if anything missing)
Units labelled 4M,  TF, or ST have their own shower/toilet.
Units labelled TC or GC have communal shower/toilet.
There is an on-site laundry.

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