The Centre for Logic, Language and Computation was established in February 2001. The aim of CLLC is:

to promote research in logic, computation and the logical analysis of language (including related areas, such as formal syntax), particularly at the interface between these disciplines.

CLLC consists of people from Computer Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy.

We have pages listing publications by CLLC members, and grants and awards received by students and staff.
Australasian Journal of Logic
CLLC runs the open-access online Australasian Journal of Logic on behalf of the Australasian Association for Logic. The Managing Editor is Edwin Mares, who is also the Director of CLLC. The journal website is hosted by the Victoria University of Wellington Library.
The Photo Gallery
Alan Turing, Kurt Gödel, David Hilbert, Arthur Prior, George Boole, Haskell Curry, Gottlob Frege, Alonzo Church, George Hughes (VUW Philosophy Professor 1951-1984), Giuseppe Peano, Bertrand Russell, Thoralf Skolem.

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